Do you have a business in New Providence?

Or are you thinking of establishing a business here?  Either way, New Providence Business would be great for you!  There are many benefits to joining and becoming part of a great community of merchants & business professionals who work together to make to make our town the premiere place for family & shopping.

Become an active member of New Providence Business.  Standard dues are only $125 for the year (runs January – December), or 34 cents a day – and the goodwill you can create for your business by getting involved is priceless!    If you are joining the organization for the first time – not renewing an existing membership (renewing members receive a membership renewal email and typically pay the $125 as noted above), new member only dues are as follows for the first membership year:

 Month Joining Dues Amount
Jan, Feb, or March $125
April, May, or June $105
July, August, or September $70
October, November, or December $35

It’s important to understand that building awareness and goodwill takes time, money and volunteerism.  We invite our members to participate in our events, sponsorships, member meetings and more.

Join or renew your membership to New Providence Business  by filling out the form below, and make your business community part of your marketing strategy today.

Please make check payable to NPBPA and mail to New Providence Business Community, 360 Elkwood Ave., New Providence, NJ 07974. The New Providence Business & Professional Association is a 501c3 organization.