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The Borough of New Providence hosts numerous celebrations and activities for the enjoyment of all members of the community. All of these events offer local businesses the opportunity to participate through sponsorships, advertising, or active participation. Come grow your business in our community! Memorial Day Parade Residents and businesses join forces to celebrate and recognize the contributions of our soldiers in uniform, both today and throughout history. Farmers Market The farmers market is run by the New Jersey Fresh Farmers Market.  New Jersey Fresh means that the fruits, vegetables and flowers are grown in the state of New Jersey.  Other items are also sold such as cheese, bread, olives, spreads and organic baked goods.  The farmers market runs on Wednesdays from the end of June to the end of October.  Businesses have the opportunity to come and have a table set up at the market. Sponsorships with the Recreation Department Businesses are able to sponsor baseball, basketball, softball, and t-ball teams in the New Providence Recreation Department League.  Sponsorships can be a specific team, league or grade level.  Some benefits of sponsoring a recreation department team are that your business name will be on the team’s t-shirt and the season’s website, and your assistance helps develop and improve the local programs.  Last spring there were 514 boys and girls who participated in the Recreation Department’s Spring Sports. 5K Race Presented in partnership with the NJ Sharing Network, this is a 5 kilometer walk/run for participants throughout the streets of the borough.  There are also events for children to participate.  Businesses can sponsor the event, sponsor the specific mile markers on the road course, provide food, have a table at the event, or develop a store-specific promotion or event on race day to attract runners after the race.  The run is held in June and draws approximately ten thousand participants. July 3 The annual Independence Day celebration takes place in downtown New Providence.  The festivities include a live DJ, special children’s programs, and fabulous fireworks.  South Street closes from Gales Drive to Springfield Avenue for people to enjoy the festival.  Local business can remain open to showcase their wares and provide giveaways and refreshments to patrons.  This event is presented in partnership with the event sponsor, Investors Savings Bank. Summer Concert Series The summer concert series is held in July and August in Centennial Park.  This event is marketed specifically for New Providence residents. Businesses have the opportunity to sponsor the concerts.  Businesses are also able to put their name on the street banner, introduce the concert, and have a special banner on display at the concert.  Approximately 200 guests attend each concert. Street Fair This fall event is held in the main center of the borough.  The streets are filled with various exhibits, vendors, and activities.  Local residents come to enjoy the food and entertainment.  Businesses can participate in this event by serving as a sponsor, a vendor, or setting up a booth. This event draws several thousand visitors. Halloween After school is dismissed on Halloween, various businesses in the downtown area distribute candy to trick-or-treaters.  Children are usually accompanied by parents or other responsible adults.  It’s a festive time at the end of October and the celebration highlights the fall activity. Christmas Walk The Christmas Walk is an evening gathering on the Friday after Thanksgiving in the Downtown area.  This event marks the start of the holiday season and features Santa Claus, who distributes candy from the Provident Bank parking lot.  Businesses can showcase their wares and provide giveaways and refreshments to patrons.   Join now!