The New Providence Business Community is sponsoring a fun and exciting new promotion for shoppers in New Providence this fall.

Golden Ticket Promotion Still Going On!!   



When you shop at these participating merchants, you’ll receive a scratch-off ticket along with your receipt*.  There are still tons of tickets with a winning prize – it might be anything from a free soft drink, to merchandise, to a special service, or even a meal!

Hidden among all the tickets are still these “Golden Tickets,” each with a HUGE prize:

Diamond stud earrings from Braunschweiger Jewelers!

Diamond necklace from Ferdinand Jewelers!

$1,000 towards braces or Invisalign from Terrana Orthodontics!

$250 Gift Certificate and $250 worth of products from YK Salon!

$300 off braces or Invisalign from Dr. Bob Robinson, Orthodontist!  One ticket found – 2 left!

$300 Gift Basket from Linda’s Creative Gifts!

$300 Gift Card from Tide Cleaners!


Someone is going to win these Golden Ticket Prizes – it could be YOU!


Tickets are still available here. The more you shop New Providence, the more chances you’ll have to win!  


The promotion will continue until all of the scratch-off tickets have been distributed.

*While supplies last.  No purchase necessary. See complete terms & conditions. Prize tickets expire July 1, 2021. Additional restrictions may apply. See merchants named on ticket for details.